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Reviewed by shaylad2055 5 / 10

I hate the brother!

The movie was okay and had a lot of potential. The brother is SUPER annoying and sometimes makes it hard to watch. I almost stopped watching because of him. The lead actress is great. I think the movie would have been better without the brother. There are times you wonder WHY IS HE STILL FILMING and a couple things are left unanswered... Other than that I think it's worth a watch if you can sit through the annoying brother.

Reviewed by kostas6565 3 / 10

don't expect chainsaws cutting through faces

through most of the movie, i had the feeling that i was zapping between different channels showing:

a) a family reality with 4 participants: sister , brother , sister's husband and brother's girlfriend (most of the time i watched this channel)

b) a seven months pregnant who mysteriously wake up without being pregnant anymore

c) video definition of a douchebag (a low intelligence man behaving ridiculously who believes that he is the center of the world). he belonged in the category of those who put a camera in your face and speak in the microphone from the moment they wake

d) something between paranormal activity(1,2,3,4,5) and blair witch project(1999) (i didn't watch this channel for more than 15 minutes)

so don't expect chainsaws cutting (slowly but surely) through faces, legs etc (no stabbing and the only drop of blood that comes to sight is when the ex-pregnant nose bleeds)

don't expect to laugh only in the first minutes (the douchebag can't stop messing with his friends throughout the film)

so if you are in a mood of saying 'not much horror for me today' and you want to go to the rest room while the movie is playing and you can laugh watching a prick annoying and filming his company and also want something paranormal in the horizon then you have a movie to watch.

Reviewed by GirishGowda 4 / 10

Fetal Abductions are a Real Thing...

Expectant mother Liz (Erin Way) wakes to find her nearly-to-term pregnancy has disappeared overnight. When doctors can find no medical explanation for the loss, police treat Liz and her husband Rick (Eric Matheny) as prime suspects in what has now become a missing child case or an inconceivable late stage abortion. Only Rick and Liz's brother, Evan (Ryan Smale) trust her version of events. As word spreads, the young couple is subjected to the unwanted attention of the police and prying neighbors. Evan feels for his sister and, as a film student, begins documenting her story. Even though he can't prove Liz's innocence, he sets out to tell her side of what happened and to set the record straight. To relieve some of Liz's grief, Rick and Evan take her on a vacation to the mountains. Things begin to settle down and Liz's spirits even start to improve. But as Evan continues documenting their vacation, unusual patterns arise. Liz still has no real answers for the disappearance of her baby despite his interviews and questions. When the trip spins out of control they realize that whatever happened with Liz and her baby isn't over.

Interviewing the victim and getting their perspective was a good idea for a found footage movie. But, when you start running around in the middle of the night with the camera in hand, that's when things start to feel a bit contrived. When I first saw the movie a few weeks back, I was so angry. This movie had so much potential and the makers ruined it. The movie starts off slowly which was perfectly good in my opinion, but there's no payoff in the end, nor is the movie very suspenseful to be honest. The suspense was sprinkled here and there, but wasn't sustained throughout. When the time came for the tension to build and for a worthwhile ending, they blew it big time. The brother gets on your nerves at times with his 'acting' and words, but he's being like that for the sister which is understandable and makes it a bit less irritating. Neither Megan's nor the town's weirdness were explored which was disappointing, to say the least. The acting by Erin Way is very good though and her subdued struggle still burns in my memory. That is the only reason this movie gets any points and feels like it wasn't a complete waste of time. I also did learn that fetal abduction was a real thing, kinda...


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