Abang Adik

2023 [CHINESE]

Crime / Drama

IMDb Rating 7.3/10 10 1282 1.3K


Top cast

Kang Ren Wu as Abang / Chen Ah-bang
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by twlbezalel 8 / 10

Don't Underestimate This Film!

Brace yourself for an unexpectedly gripping, gritty, humorous, and tear-jerking Malaysian film with a Taiwanese twist. Prepare for a rollercoaster of heartbreaking twists and spectacular acting!

Don't underestimate this film! I was a newbie to Malaysian cinema and didn't know what to expect. But as they say, 'don't judge a book by its cover' (or in this case, 'a movie by its poster'). This film matched the quality and storytelling of Taiwanese cinema, so don't make the same mistake I did!

The story revolves around two brothers on a mission to secure their Malaysian ICs, crucial for employment and escaping a life of misery. However, their plan takes a 180-degree turn when a crime takes place.

This dilemma highlights a broader issue in Malaysia's management of their Identity Cards (ICs). The issue of illegal immigrants counterfeiting these ICs to secure employment is woven into the narrative, offering an insightful look into a significant societal challenge.

Amidst the central theme, the film weaves in subplots of romance and brotherhood, enriching its emotional tapestry.

The acting will leave you in tears... There are many parts of the film where my heart sank and tears welled up in my eyes.

There were many moments in the film where I silently exclaimed, 'WHAT THE HECK' and 'OH NO.' The movie provides subtle clues bit by bit, allowing you to piece together the plot yourself before it reveals the pivotal points that will make you go, 'OHH!' Whether some of the plot twists are justified remains questionable...

Wu Kang-ren, a Taiwanese actor portraying the deaf-mute brother, absolutely nailed the role of Abang. Although his character had no spoken lines, you could feel his pent-up frustration, misery, and sadness in the way he communicated through sign language.

For example, a line in the movie, 'Do you know how hard my life is?' wouldn't, in my opinion, have been as impactful if exclaimed rather than signed. Wu Kang-ren's performance was really superb.

If you appreciate stories that are driven by intricate plots and rich character development, this is a must-watch. A word of caution for the squeamish: while not overtly gory, the film does contain scenes with a fair amount of blood.

Reviewed by tckeong 8 / 10

I almost fell in love with this movie

The story depicts the lives of the lowest strata of society in the city of Pudu KL. It seems the editors and directors went to extremes in portraying the most tragic stories to create a sense of being oppressed by life-a deaf-mute, an undocumented person, someone deprived of love, socially ostracized, and misunderstood. Despite all this, living in such an environment, the protagonist continues to offer unconditional love to those around him, caring for everyone. However, I'd like to say this story didn't convey the proper moral values. I must commend the male lead actor who played the deaf-mute. His portrayal, the numbness to express love, and inner struggles in his acting were impeccable, he did excellently well. The second person I loved was the actor portraying the one who raised the two brothers. His performance was incredibly natural. Kudos to these two actors. As for the second male lead, his overacting was a bit too much, suddenly sentimental, the next scene he was abruptly irritable. Sometimes silent and chill, while other times playfully happy and easy-going. I couldn't have a full grasp the character that he was to portray, not sure if this was intended act required by the director, or an underperformance by the actor. All in all, acting for the male lead, a solid 10/10. Overall acting, 8/10. Storyline, it's weak, there were loopholes here and there, so I'd give it a 5/10. This movie deserves a modest 8/10. I wasn't moved, just left sighing, thinking it could have been better.

Reviewed by ajleong-98725 7 / 10

It's a simple & slow movie, BUT it touches one's heart very much..!

The story is about the emotional journey between the two "stateless brothers" - Abang (a deaf-mute man) and adik (a teenager) - and their lives. Through their lives, it reveals a lot of local social justice issues, e.g. Public servants' attitudes, illegal foreign workers hiding from immigration operations, taking on odd jobs for a living... and so on.

The pace is rather slow at times, which appears to be a common style among most new Malaysian directors, who love to bring out the typical Malaysian street scenes, building conditions, and local values, which can be overly deliberate and extra to some extent.

The character development between the two brothers is good. They are very well developed and engaging! However, it's weak on the supporting characters, e.g. The Myanmar girl, her scene is very touch-n-go and left unaddressed! Of all the supporting characters, I love "MONEY SISTER"! Although 'she' plays a small role in the movie, "she" is outstanding, and she seems to have a lot of untold stories that are worth exploring (perhaps in another solo movie??!!)

I love the communication scene in the prison, which carries so much emotional weight and struggle. Abang lives well in life day-by-day, but from the scene, audiences could realise that deep inside his heart, he has a lot of voices of unfairness, despair, anger... that wish to be heard and understood! No doubt, Wu Kang Ren's acting is superb! You feel him all the way, from his eye-contact, tears, emotion, and body language... He deserved the BEST ACTOR AWARD!!!

There are a few pitfalls in the movie, e.g. Some scenes are rather shaky, and the storyline is very much one-dimensional. Besides, the last scene of Abang meeting Adik in the prison is NOT well managed. It can be more touching and much better than that, yet the angles and build-up motions do not achieve the optimum outcomes.

For a local production, I gave 3.25 out of 5.0. It's a nice cameo, but NOT up to an excellent movie, without pitfalls or weaknesses. The storyline is rather simple and thin. What makes it good is the emotional depth of the silent communications of Abang that carry us away! If it is without it, it can be a very pale and plain movie. (Gosh~~ I burst into tears badly in the cinema!!)

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