A Wedding Wonderland



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Jane Sibbett as Marilyn Pierce
Andrea Bowen as Hallie Reynolds
Susan Walters as Deidre Reynolds
Nick Bateman as Lucas Pierce
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rebekahrox 6 / 10

A very merry mix-up...NOT!

I'm not sure what the message of this movie was supposed to be. Don't be such a wimp? Put your too good to be true future husband before your mother from hell?. Hallmark Christmas movies are not supposed to make you angry, frustrated, and full of hate. The bride's mother's inexcusably rude and loathsome behavior, as detailed by some of the other reviews was never confronted the way it should have been by either the bride, her groom, or her husband. Or her gracious hosts, the groom's parents, for that matter. She basically got away with an apology and a half-hearted promise to do better. And that twist at the end only made her horrible behavior even worse. And then, her disapproving and whipped husband just told her he was even more in love with her! What? There was no justice or balance. I feel most sorry for the wedding guests that traipsed all the way up the mountain to be cheated out of a nice wedding and told to go home with a gift bag, and then they ended up having the wedding with just family the next day. What?

I am disturbed by one review that said that the groom was too handsome for the bride. That they "didn't match' and that he should have found someone more gorgeous. That is the one thing I really liked about this movie. He really was handsome and appealing. She was just a normal looking girl. But he was so in love with her. So tender and considerate. He loved HER, her kindness and generosity. They were friends that were also in love. It wasn't just the sexual attraction for a beautiful sexy girl that might fade with time. It was true love. If their physical attributes didn't "match", their hearts did. Their relationship really lifted this movie to tolerable status.

Reviewed by t-mccheyne 4 / 10


The bride to be is so annoying, spineless and gives in too easily to everyone. How can you get married when you don't even know yourself and your own mind. Her mother should have been told to back off well before half way through, if not by the daughter, by her husband. There is no chemistry here, I think because of the brides shallow attitude. Gosh if you had a man like that love you you'd get married anywhere.

Reviewed by adamjohns-42575 5 / 10

Where has Adam Senn been all my life?

This film was deceitfully on the Christmas channel in December. It is not a Christmas film at all, but rather set just beforehand. So it is wintery and in some ways festive, but not to the standards I look for. I was able to watch it to the end however, as it wasn't a bad film at all, it just wasn't amazing, although I did like the romance.

I found it easy to watch because Nick Bateman (The lead male) is basically sex on legs and it helped that his characters brother was played by Adam Senn, who is also rather nice to look at. Some would say gorgeous!

The main female is not what I would call leading lady material, but does the job ok. None of the rest of the cast do a bad job either, but the girls mother is really quite a piece of work. I can't stand these sorts of characters.

If you want some eye candy then tune in, but don't expect Carols and Snowmen.

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