A Very Natural Thing


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Reviewed by benc7ca 8 / 10

A Very Wonderful Film

I watched this last night on television. I'm quite the gay film buff but I had never heard of this movie. I can't top Tom Norris's review;they reflect my thoughts perfectly. The film is a documentary of a time I lived through but was just a little too young to participate in. A must see film.

Reviewed by esh04676 6 / 10

gay life a generation ago

Some very fine reviews already posted for this interesting movie, which I found very enjoyable as an intriguing look at gay life and also from a historical point of view. It often has the flavor of a documentary because of the interjection of real newsreel scenes of Stonewall. The cruising episodes on Fire Island and in steam baths have a cinema verite quality. The story involving the up-and-down efforts of ex-priest David to find a man he can settle down with hold the viewer's interested, but the bickering between the two men becomes a drag on the movie. One is relieved when David finally hooks up with the Bo White character, leading to a very beautiful closing episode shot amid the dunes at Truro on Cape Cod. The movie therefore ends on a note of affirmation and one hopes that all went well for all the men involved in this important glimpse at gay life a generation ago.

Reviewed by ekeby 6 / 10

Fascinating Portrait of early Post-Stonewall Life

This 1973 film tells a story of gay life that is simple and familiar. Boy meets boy. Boy loves boy. Boy gets bored with boy. Etcetera. The straightforward, non-apologetic script is either timeless or old as the hills, depending on your tolerance level. While I was watching I began to wonder if the script could be re-shot today without significant modification. I think it probably could--there isn't much happening that couldn't take place almost word-for-word in any present-day urbanopolis.

Despite the sometimes raging amateurism in acting, photography, and especially sound, this film is well worth seeing. Those who lived through the era will experience an affectionate nostalgia for what I cannot help but call "the good old days." For those born after, say, 1985, you'll get an accurate look at what gay life was like as it was beginning to coalesce post-Stonewall. The production of the film also reflects the times. Some scenes have a cinema verite feel, some are clearly documentary. The last scene's unflinching male "frontal" nudity is another relic of the 70s. Like I said, the good old days.

I would classify this as a "must-see" for any gay cinema buff. To my knowledge it is the first to grapple with the relationship problems unique to post-Stonewall gay life.

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