A Million Days


Action / Sci-Fi


Top cast

Hermione Corfield as Charlie
Simon Merrells as Anderson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fender-32191 1 / 10

low rent floater

Filmed in one house by the look of it, or a set in a warehouse, you could see the actors breath, lot's of techy space gobbledygook, supposed to be scientists, yacking about seeding the moon or building base there..oh they have an ai program that got to big for it's binary code err its learning, due to budget constraints they use laptops, and what looks like a modded beer fridge is a 3d printer, the actress with the vinyl skirt was nice on the eyes here's a * for her effort, some old astronaut arrives the walks out, is found in the woods with a occular implant err think picard in star trek went he went borg, nothing said about that and something about a dead dog, (spoiler) dude in house gets seeded by guess.. borg nano probes trek again, ai is part of him now, he walks out to go into space to err seed europa with his nano, tool, thats it end of film.

Reviewed by klaatujohnson-13492 8 / 10

A quite, thoughtful glance at a possible AI future that moves beyond the concerns of merely human existence- but for life itself.

Not for the fait of heart- but a rewarding experience for the thoughtful viewer. Best seen as one-act stage play with existential consequences. The pacing is impeccable - building to a single one-note denouement that has far reaching goals. The gist is that on the verge of man's first moon colony in the near future- to start a "seeding program" with a giant nod to James Blish's Seedling Stars, the AI designed to promote the planning of the project is possibly responsible for far exceeding its deign parameters. SPOLIERS- It seems that the original code for the program included the telling text " to go as far as possible" in preserving life. The AI takes that to mean the very existence of any life- as it is unaware of any extraterrestrial life- even though humans are 99% sure there must be some- it means to be sure that there will be a chance for life off of the earth. The whole purpose for the seeding program- even though it was meant for human survival. With another nod to Arthur C. Clarke, the AI is certain that the spreading of organic molecules on Europa may do the trick.

The beauty of the movie is that all of the philosophical angst is presented through the three main characters as they analyze the continuous input from the AI who has run the program for the equivalent of a million days- over 2000 human years.

Reviewed by / 10

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