A Gray State



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kme008 6 / 10

Gripping for sure, we'll never know why

Need to know what is being said in the video recording left on Davids phone before his voice recording labled "Komel's prophecy 30oct14" sound is unintelligible and leaves us feeling like a key detail is missing right as the documentary ends. What did she forsee, feel, speculate, or otherwise? This film did a good job of documenting but I think it makes clear that this was not a conspiracy do-in but rather an unfortunate mental health nightmare.

Reviewed by Calicodreamin 6 / 10

Unfortunate story

The very unfortunate story of the murder-suicide of the Crowley family. The documentary includes relevant interviews and archival footage. A thoughtful timeline of events is presented and the interviews have good flow. Most of the content is about the making of Davids movie and gave the documentary a home movie vibe rather than a true crime vibe. Overall a decent documentary.

Reviewed by anthonyjlangford 8 / 10

Gripping yet disturbing

I was gripped from the opening scenes. Not knowing the story, it unfolded like a mystery, thanks to a solid structure from a director in control. I don't wish to diminish the content, as really, this is a very disturbing and sad story, as told through the people closest to David, the young man at the center of A Gray State. He was clearly talented but did not realize that as he was creating his debut feature film, he was really documenting his own story, one, which unfortunately, we are now all to privy to. It's a shame that the young woman who shares his journey wasn't represented more by her family, but given the situation, you can understand why they probably didn't wish to participate. As a parent, it's absolutely heartbreaking. A truly tragic story, that didn't leave any questions for me, that it might do for others. The human mind is a fragile thing, especially after trauma. There is a high degree of responsibility, however, of governments to look after those whom it exposes to war, that should last long after duty is over.

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