A Fairly Odd Summer


Comedy / Family / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 46%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 46%
IMDb Rating 3.7/10 10 690 690

Top cast

Tara Strong as Poof
Teryl Rothery as Mrs. Turner
Ryan Beil as Crazy Guy #3
Ali Liebert as Mrs. Mulligan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by michaelclifford-38758 2 / 10


I can't believe they reduced my favorite childhood show to this garbage. Not funny, original, or creative at all. DO NOT WATCH THIS. Watch the fairly odd Parents episodes from 2001-2007. They are so much better than this trash, and are actually entertaining to kids.

All in all, just stay away from this movie. It is awful, Fairly Odd Parents in live action is something that should have never happened in the first place, but seeing it reduced this low is by far the worst feeling when you know you're watching the characters from a show you liked as a young elementary school kid. Absolutely unwatchable.

I won't give any spoilers, because I don't want to tempt anyone into watching this just to see how bad it is, just don't watch it. Save yourself the time and effort.

Reviewed by kaci-33779 1 / 10


Horrid acting. Absolutely terrible. They chose terrible actors as well. Are the actors even ACTUALLY speaking or are they lip syncing? I'm leaning towards lipsyncing. Also, this movie is not funny at all and there's so many plot holes. For instance, the fairies are not supposed to be seen by humans, but they're just casually flying alongside Timmy instead of turning into dogs or something like in the show. The plot is awful and so is the script. DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE

Reviewed by supernintendo128 2 / 10

Easily the worst in the trilogy.

I used to love Fairly Odd Parents. It was one of my favorite cartoons growing up. Unfortunately after "Fairly Odd Baby", the show started to decline in quality. And then came the live-action Fairly Odd Parents movies. The first one sucked. The second one was admittedly better, which isn't saying much, but the third one is absolutely terrible. They're not even trying with this one.

The jokes feel like they were thought up by 8-year old boys who think fart jokes are hilarious. I mean, there are immature fart jokes everywhere. For example: One character's name is Professor Butterfartz. Dur hur hur his last name is Butterfartz dur hur so funny lolz. While the film is not making stupid fart jokes every few minutes, it's making pop culture references, most of which the target audience won't get. Like they make a reference to the infamous Pink Elephants scene from Dumbo, which is a movie I'd rather watch then this garbage.

The CGI is terrible as always, except that I think it looks even worse since the last film. Also the design on the background fairies are generic and look nothing like in the show. I think they even share a single design. What.

The story is stupid. The plot of this film is that everyone's going to Hawaii and Timmy feels left out because he has to guard some source of power that powers Fairy World until he discovers that Tootie and Mr. Turner left something behind and uses that as an excuse to go to Hawaii with them as he takes the magical McGuffin with him. As a matter of fact, this feels like an excuse for the cast to go on vacation to Hawaii. Crocker and Foop team up to steal the thing and destroy it to destroy Fairy World and hilarity ensues.

The writing is terrible. I mean, I can understand that two of the characters are going to Hawaii, but a whopping 8 characters (exluding Timmy and his fairies) are going to Hawaii. I mean it's contrived coincidence on top of contrived coincidence. It's not like Hawaii is the only vacation spot on the freaking planet. It doesn't make any sense at all. And there are the two new characters Marty and Mitzie who are two rich kids who barely spend time with their busy parents blah blah blah I heard it all before. Oh and Vicky babysits them now. These kids have no personality; they are about as flat as paper. Also, I said that Crocker and Foop are trying to steal that magic thingy to destroy Fairy World. Except that I thought that Crocker just wanted to expose the fairies, not outright destroy them.

And then there's the ending. Dear gosh the ending. Basically, Crocker turns good after touching the magic glowing thing, Foop tries to throw it into a volcano, Timmy tries to take it back, but they both end up falling in the lava, seemingly killing Timmy. Except that he wasn't killed and that he's a fairy now. Just. No. Also when Timmy turns into a fairy, he reverts back to his kid form, voiced by Tara Strong and everything minus the buck teeth. Guess Drake Bell realized that this movie was bad for his career and quit. Timmy is still dating a still human Tootie, which is creepy considering that Tootie's an grown adult and Timmy looks like a kid again. In fact, HOW IS HE GOING TO EXPLAIN THIS TO HIS PARENTS!? Oh and Mitzie and Marty get Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof. And that stupid magic thing was supposed to burn in that lava, except it didn't. It just turned Timmy into a fairy and floated out unharmed. Also it restored the fairies' magic for some reason.

I can only recommend this movie to young children. Long time fans of the show should stay far away from this terrible film. It just further proves my point that Fairly Odd Parents is just gonna continue to get worse. And I thought they hit rock bottom with Sparky... Speaking of Sparky, the only good thing I have to say about this film (besides David Lewis's performance as Mr. Crocker) is that Sparky's not in this.

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