A Dog Year


Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 37%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 37% · 250 ratings
IMDb Rating 6.0/10 10 3684 3.7K


Top cast

Jeff Bridges as Jon Katz
Lois Smith as Lois Blair
Karen Allen as Paula
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jdbunda 6 / 10

love letter to dogs and their owners

Not your typical dog movie - here the dog actually acts like a real dog. No talking animals, no over-the-top staged smarts or heroics. It plays more like an episode of the Dog Whisperer - BEFORE they call in Cesar. Bridges plays a semi-creepy sad sack of a blocked writer who, through somewhat unclear circumstances, unwittingly and unwillingly adopts the border collie from hell. Having adopted a somewhat crazed border collie myself, I can say the dogs behavior and interactions with Bridges are spot on, and there is no need for the typical Hollywood (c.f. Beethoven) hyperbole - the dog is not quite the lovable scamp, and the Bridges' Katz is not a wholly sympathetic character. With a little unwelcome help from his friends, peace is eventually made between the writer and his dog. That's the good - the bad is this movie seems to be the anti-Marley - we only get a bare smattering of how the "adoption" came to pass, what the hell is going on between Katz and his family, and what happened to the other yellow lab? One gets the sense of script problems and/or a heavy hand in the editing room, which is too bad because while these details are not important, the missing pieces are distracting, and flaw this otherwise refreshingly realistic, yet still eminently watchable dog flick.

Reviewed by jotix100 7 / 10

Man's best friend

Sometimes people get wrong ideas when getting a pet, especially a dog. We forget that, like other animals, certain breeds were meant to be helpers in the farm, rather than become house pets. Jon Katz, a man with knowledge of dogs, is asked to try to help with a border collie, Devon, that was abused. Mr. Katz had two older Labrador retrievers at home, the addition of a new dog proves to be a bigger challenge Jon had expected.

The frustrating acquainting process shows a dog that was abused. Jon had to do wonders to keep his sanity. Devon was destructive, almost unmanageable, because the dog had no discipline. Jon Katz's own life was going through a rough time. His wife having decided to live away from him, sent this man into a rotten state of mind. Even his own daughter, Emma, notices the state of her father's despair. What's more, as a writer, he is clearly blocked. One of his Labs gets sick and must be put to sleep, that is the last thing he ever wanted.

When Jon decides to go to the country in order to get away from the usual distractions at home, he decides to bring Devon with him. Trying to stay by himself, he becomes the little town's attraction. The plain folks in the area prove to be wiser than he gave them credit for. He is told to see Lois Blair, a no nonsense woman, the owner of a border collie herself. Lois, a woman of a few words realize what the problem is with Devon, but better yet, her advice to Jon is right on target. The dog has no problems; Devon was born to work the fields shepherding, whereas Jon's problem is greater, he must deal with his own situation as soon as possible.

Not having a clue as to what the film was about, we took a chance, and frankly, it was a surprise. Written and directed by George LeVoo, this is a film highly recommended for all dog lovers. It is a story that rings true from beginning to end. Jon Katz's messed up life was not exactly at a good point. Having to deal with an unruly abused dog, was certainly a big challenge for anyone, let alone a man that was facing a big marital crisis.

The film is even better by the presence of an actor of the stature of Jeff Bridges. No matter where Mr. Bridges decides to appear in, he always gives a good and honest performance. Mr. Bridges' work will endear him to audiences where the film is shown. Lois Smith plays Lois Blair, and Lauren Ambrose appears as Emma.

"A Dog Year" is a film that tries to stay focus by not going for the cuteness its theme might have become in big studios hands.

Reviewed by mbschan 6 / 10

Subject matter is presented in a realistic style

For me the most important aspect of Jeff Bridges as an actor, is he is believable and real. I don't know if I would have rated the film any higher without his performance as Jon Katz the main character in the story. The film style is simplistic but projects a realistic view of what it's like to have a highly active and abused dog. What is most memorable to me are the few simple scenes that Jeff Bridges shares with Devon. I was so pleased that he filmmaker did not take a "Disney" format approach to the subject and presented in its true from.

If there is one criticism I have with the film is that I'm never explained the psyche of the main character Jon Katz. Why is he stubborn and unyielding and refusing to listen to other people's advice. We are told that he is an "mad" by the trainer but there is no evidence or background to support this.

These to me are minor points but worth mentioning. In all it was a very believable and realistic approach to the subject.

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