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2013 [FRENCH]

Comedy / Crime / Mystery

Top cast

Terry Gilliam as Charlie Meatson
Gaspar Noé as Le co-détenu chauve 1
Jean Dujardin as Le traducteur en langue des signes
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by elidezagon 9 / 10

Hilarious. A great way to spend 90 minutes.

I loved Dupontel in Odette Toulemonde. He is more than brilliant here. The story, albeit completely unlikely, is funny, silly, smart and just a great movie you can only come out smiling. Both principal actors do a marvelous job and you will not be disappointed. See it and laugh. Ypu will also get a few cameos. The Artist's Jean Dujardin makes an appearance as the funniest, nonsensical hearing impaired translator on the local TV news channel and Terry Gilliam has a cameo too. I am usually not into French film, even if French is my mother tongue, but every now and then, such as les Ch'tis and a few others, this gets top comedy rating. Odette was also a masterpiece. I think I will go check out Dupontel's other films. Enjoy!

Reviewed by ssto 7 / 10

quite fun, but strange ending

i like this movie, liked it a lot. it was very funny, the kind of absurd situations fun, typical for french cinema. some faces there are worth remembering, and also some very funny lines. generally very good production and short, but good story; unfortunately the end was lacking. actually very very lacking to the point it takes away all the pleasure of watching the movie

pretty much my vote is of 6.5 instead of 8 because of the ending. could've been much more entertaining and with a really solid conclusion, but well, had fun anyway

recommend for watching? yes

Reviewed by writers_reign 8 / 10

Enceinte Vincent, pas Albert

As far as I know Sandrine Kiberlain remains separated from husband Vincent Lindon, a fact I find sad as they are not only two of the finest French actors currently working but also two of my personal favourites and I can't, as it happens, recall seeing either give a bad performance. On the positive side they do have a daughter together and this enables me to indulge in the word-play above (enceinte is not only the French word for pregnant it also forms a true rhyme with Vincent) in order to write about a film whose basic premise is that Juge Kiberlain, a woman for whom the expression 'sober as a judge' might have been coined, is persuaded against hew will and indeed wish to join colleagues for a New Year celebratory drink which leaves her with no memory of the next few hours and totally bemused to find herself slightly enceinte some six months later with absolutely no idea of how, where and more pertinently who. This last is quickly resolved when hardened criminal and jailbird Dupontel, brought to her office for questioning, recognizes her and marks her card. From then, of course, the film has only one way to go and we are invited along for the ride. I, for one, found it a pleasant trip; a long-time admirer of Dupontel especially away from the 'bad boy' pourris that is his own personal albatross - has no one seen him in, for example, Fauteuils d'Orchestre, for God's sake - and I was pleased to be able to shake his head at a recent screening of the film. Kiberlain, as always, was a delight and it was pleasant to spot a Celia Johnson lookalike in the shape of Miche Bernard-Requin. The only jarring note in fact came from Terry Gilliam, invited on stage by Dupontel, who sycophantically overpraised director Dupontel's extended opening shot as if totally ignorant of Awesome Welle's definitive opening to Touch Of Evil.

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