5th Borough



IMDb Rating 4.7/10 10 5261 5.3K


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Tara Reid as Sophia Lehoux
Sean Young as Sabina
Lillo Brancato as Sonny Finici
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by b6nus 2 / 10

Don't believe the IMDB rating of this film - It's awful.

I watched 5thB on Prime having seen it was rated at 7.8 on IMDB. It's pretty obvious very quickly that this is down to fake ratings and reviews. A few minutes in I already knew I'd been cheated and so paused the film and came to investigate. Clicking the rating and seeing the 'Top 1000' voters had given it an average 4.4 made more sense. In my opinion this is still too high. I'd love to see the Amazon stats on how many people made it to the end of this film. Less than 10% I reckon. I watched to the end so that I could give this a fair rating... it doesn't get worse, so if you survive the first 10mins, you could make it to the end. But it doesn't get better.

Reviewed by covington_c 1 / 10


Script HORRIBLE. Directing GARBAGE. Even camera work & sound are TERRIBLE! Even all of the has been A-listers couldn't save this sulfuric poot of a stinker. & Tara Reid should really just retire from acting altogether. Not to mention, that was one of THE WORST 'wrap it up' box endings I've EVER seen! & for the movie to be rated 8.6 out or 1100+ reviews, I find this to be EXTREMELY UNBELIEVABLE! AVOID AT ALL COST! Consider yourself THOROUGHLY warned!

Reviewed by chuckyvee 6 / 10

Rent It

I didn't think it was that great but it was good enough to watch when bored at home. The acting was good, plot was over dramatic and I felt as if something was missing. Still not bad but yeah..

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