37 Seconds



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sxxn_hotmd 8 / 10

A beautiful slice of life

By watching just the trailer, I knew right away that this was a must-see.

The story was well told and delivered. The beginning might feel slow but you really felt like you were in the protagonist's shoes. The actors and the story made you feel like you were truly this little vulnerable and day-dreaming, yet curious and adventurous girl. (No spoilers?) Especially when it came to the climax, we all can relate to this kind of 37-second situations in our life. (No spoilers?)

If you like to follow a person's journey through their beautiful life story, this is one you shouldn't miss.

Reviewed by sanwolfx 6 / 10

All over the place

The film touches on a lot of issues concerning disability, but does very little with each of them before jumping to the next one. And then, towards the second half, the movie changes direction to focus on Yuma's complicated family history rather than her personal struggles; it feels as a contrived pretext to not really answer the questions of the first half about love and sex, but just say "she reconciled with her mom, so everything is fine".

Annoyingly, most of the conflict in the film is resolved by the fact that Yuma is a very talented artist, kind of wealthy, pretty, kind, and well-adjusted to be independent. So the moment she makes some good friends, it seems like all her troubles disappear. It's one of those cases where the story looks as if it's centered around social issues, but in reality it's more about the character dealing with mental barriers, and once those are overcome the film forgets about all the systemic problems which are still there.

And then, the friends she gets sort of fall out of the sky, and immediately decide to take care of her for no apparent reason; they are the nicest, most supportive, and least judgemental people in the world. So again, the film takes the easy way out and avoids dealing with any of the problems people with disabilities encounter in more realistic, flawed friendships.

Reviewed by kosmasp 8 / 10

Life choices

This is a tough watch, but if you don't mind human (and humane) stories, this will float your boat (and/or rock it). This really is about struggles and what life can be about. A girl between family and her dreams/goals. And others who may or may not be taken advantage of her situation.

This is real or at least it feels as real as it can. Which makes it either appealing or appaling to viewers. If you want fancy, you won't get this here. If a bit of exciting themes, but fighting ones demons (and other demons metaphorically speaking) is the main issue here.

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