2-Headed Shark Attack


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 15%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 15% · 250 ratings
IMDb Rating 2.5/10 10 7435 7.4K

Top cast

Carmen Electra as Anne Babish
Brooke Hogan as Kate
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jackmeat 2 / 10

Absolutely horrible. Give yourself a break and gouge your eyes out.

Movie review:After posting the trailer, I just couldn't wait to watch this one. This movie was so bad, it kept my attention in between sessions of gargling hydrochloric acid to null out the pain my brain was enduring. The plot, bunch of kids charter a boat to who knows where and comes under attack, from a 2 headed shark, hence the snappy title. This movie is possibly the biggest joke I have seen, ever. The un-special effects were done by a two year old taking her first bath with a toy rubber shark. At some points the people that were eaten were larger than the shark, and others the shark was larger than the boat. The camera work was done so poorly that this was obvious. The shark had the ability to devour people that are standing in waist deep water, yet plunge straight downward into the depths of the water. When the actors, and that is the biggest insult to acting I have ever witnessed, get stranded on an atoll (i always thought that was a coral reef formation, not a makeshift island) they must figure out a way to escape. blah blah. There is not one single redeeming quality of this piece of crap, and it is hard not to swear as I am typing this. Oh, did I mention Brooke Hogan and Carmen Electra are the main attractions? They are still stuck in a cardboard box attempting to act their way out of it. All the extras were following cues from the staff so blatantly it was pathetic. "Act scared", "Act mortified at the person being eaten underwater", even though there is no way you could see it. I could go on, but I'll spare you. Do not see this movie unless you feel the need to watch a "how to not make a movie" instructional video. Worst movie ever. Now I am sure there are the "b-movies so bad they are good" people out there. Well, this is it, minus the good. Recycled scenes in a 87 minute movie, boats not moving when they are supposed to be speeding, conversations of two people on said boats and they can hear each other, the list is endless. 1.5/10 IMDb 2.6 , I guess it got scored high because two topless chicks make out in said waste deep water and get eaten. Brooke, stick with TNA (that is wrestling for the non-followers). At least that is more believable.

Reviewed by dadatuuexx 4 / 10

The 50,s rule !

This was one bad movie ! . You can guess what your getting before you start this one up. As a fan of b-budget horror and sci-fi,i HAD to see this movie.Last year brought us Sharktapus,and a few other sci-fi creatures,and this year,it gets BETTER !.A two headed shark !.With loads of bad effects,bad acting,and some good ,ol fashion shoddy monster. The film is chocked full of mistakes,and poor film-making stuff,and stranger things,that you cant stop watching.I loved the way the shark was anywhere from 20 foot ,to 9 foot,depending on the shots needs.Bless the people that worked on this fartblower,and bless US,the viewers that keep watching these movies.

Reviewed by Latentlove2000 2 / 10

The horror...that a movie this bad can be made.

Okay, let me just put this out there; I gave it 2/10 because it made me laugh. Now, lets look at why it made me laugh.

The simple fact of in the beginning of the movie a 2-headed shark jumps out of the water and kills the only two remotely interesting characters in the entire film by swallowing them whole.

Definition of remotely interesting: two chicks in bikinis who know how to rock the waves on wave-boards while being towed by a speedboat. They aren't the kind of girls you would never see doing this and to be honest it is pretty sweet the stunts they pull off. These are the kind of girls you want to sit down and talk to. You want to ask them what got them into the sport, how long they have been doing it, can you teach me how? Those kind of girls. So, in the start of the film the stage is set with three guys recording these two chicks who you want to get to know.

SORRY, but they don't even get the chance to talk, they just die. Now, they can be swallowed whole by the shark but for some reason the shark can't swallow the three guys who were in the boat whole. That makes a lot of sense right? More or less, after the two chicks on wave-boards die the movie becomes boring and full of laughs. You will laugh only to entertain yourself as you question why you have continued to watch the movie another second.

The female characters that replace the two wave-boarders make your brain melt as they are hardly interested in being athletic, obviously fun to hang out with, and having the IQ to realize doing something besides screaming is a good idea. All they do is pop their tits out into the camera and smile...or scream...or rid you of their existence.

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