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Reviewed by jorgito2001 6 / 10

Definitely has Halloween Spirit, but hampered down by the last 2 stories!

A fellow horror fan recommended this on a forum I frequent and when I saw it was on Prime, I figured "why not?" I'm also a sucker for Halloween themed horror films. I was impressed by "The Old Hag,","Trespassers" and "Killing the Dance" despite their budget limitations. The namesake character in Old Hag was indeed "creepy"! Also the wraparound hottie horror host was serviceable, though some more could've been added to the wrap around "ending".

What hurts this movie from being great are the final 2 stories, "Halloween Blizzard '91" and "Samhain Slasher"...these looked REALLY cheap and the story and direction seemed rushed and unpolished compared to the first 3 stories. April in the 'Blizzard" sequence was easy on the eyes though! Yummy! Sadly no nudity.

I would've given this a 5/10, but since I enjoyed 3 out of 5 of the stories, I figured I'd give it an above average rating. If you're in the mood for a decent Halloween anthology, I recommend 10/31

Reviewed by kevin_robbins 6 / 10

I'd recommend watching it once

10/31 (2017) is currently available for free on Tubi and is a collection of six short stories. Like most of these movies there are inconsistencies in the acting, quality of the stories and special effects in each segment, but some of the stories are very entertaining. There are six separate directors, one for each segment, that includes Brett DeJager (Bonejangles), Rocky Gray (Directorial Debut), Zane Hershberger (Force to Fear), John William Holt (Volumes of Blood), Hunter Johnson (60 Seconds to Die 1&2) and Justin Seaman (The Barn). This isn't a great horror anthology but if you're looking for something new with some fun spins, this isn't bad. Overall this is average, I'd recommend watching it once and I'd give it a 5.5/10.

Reviewed by southdavid 4 / 10

Slash and Burn

"10/31" is a portmanteau style horror film, made as a showcase for five independent writer/directors and largely crowdfunded. It's hard to be too harsh on the films, given the budgets, some of which look decent and occasionally have good effects, but generally it's a collection that includes performances that are too amateurish and stories that are confusing. I've detailed more about each episode below.

The Old Hag - Two aspiring filmmakers, Tyler (Nick Edwards) and Kevin (Mitchell Musolino) arrive at Kathy's (Cindy Maples) bed and breakfast to produce a promotional video. Though the hotel specifically doesn't have any guests - Tyler has an interaction with an elderly guest on the third floor. Performances are a little amateurish and the prosthetic for said old hag are a little too clean and over lit to convince it's anything other than prosthetics. Story is a sadly predictable and the only scare is the cheap one right at the end.

Trespassers - After an underwhelming Halloween date Stephanie (Sable Griedel) takes new in town Jeff (Chad Bruns) to a local farm where, legend has it, decades ago the farmer went mad and killed his family after a scarecrow was put up on his land. Performances are a little better in this one and shooting in a cinema helps production value - but the creature at the end looks like a shop bought mask and the story is muddled. Better, but not good.

Killing the Dance - On her last night before leaving home, Ashley (Bailey Ingersoll) takes her brother Mikey (Noah Howland) to work at a roller-skating rink. After dark, the rink switches to a roller disco and secrets are revealed. Then a masked character begins to attack the other patrons with a straight razor. This felt much longer than the previous two entries. There were some nice early moments, including a tracking shot that was more ambitious than anything seen so far, and shooting on the rink is well done. Storyline wise though it's a little obvious, way too long and the budget betrays the effects somewhat.

Halloween Blizzard of '91 - During a snowstorm that seemingly cancels trick or treating, a family is visited by three small characters in old style costumes. After giving them candy, they leave, but not before leaving a sleigh bell on the porch. This was the worst episode of the four. Really amateurish performances, with the exception of the mother Katie (Katie Walgrave), bad choppy cutting and a story that didn't make much sense.

The Samhain Slasher - Peter McNeely (Greg Fallon) is haunted by horrific dreams. His daughter Mary (Jordan Phipps) goes to a Halloween party but both have ignored TV reports about an escaped murderer in the area. Performances and effects were a lot better this time, but the story was confounding mixing supernatural and slasher elements but never making clear what was what.

Provided you accept this for what it is, it's not the worst collection you'll ever see - but go in expecting anything more and you'll be sorely disappointed.

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